Urban Survival and Urban Survival Online are owned and operated by Julie La Magna and Ray Stephens in Payson, Arizona. We are an FDA registered and certified food processing facility. Ray began the concept in 2005 after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina, and Julie jumped on board soon after. Ray decided that he was never again going to be caught unprepared.

At the urging of friends and relatives, he began producing foods, not just for himself, but for others. We are dedicated to producing and supplying only the finest foods available. We use the KISS method (keep it simple stupid). Most of our recipes are well over 100 years old, the flavors and textures long forgotten have been resurrected. We spend a lot of time developing each recipe, every Jar is hand made. No automated equipment here! .
We buy almost all of our veggies and fruits from local growers, so we KNOW that they are as fresh as we can possibly get. We are constantly adding new products, as we get requests from our customers. If you have a request, idea, or a recipe you would like to see added to our product list, then feel free to ask.Our goal is to supply the finest, freshest foods available, canned in the old fashioned way. Just like Grandma use to make decades ago. No preservatives whatsoever.

Who says survival foods need to be powdered and bland. If you want the finest foods that money can buy, at a fair price, and be able to pronounce all the ingredients on the label, then you are in the right place. Oh, and there is LOVE in every Jar, so much, that it is even on the label!